Suze Morrison is a community activist, communications professional, and proud resident of Regent Park. She identifies as having mixed settler and Indigenous heritage and has called many places home including Toronto, Parry Sound, Guelph, and London.

Suze's work is guided by her lived experiences of poverty, trauma, and resiliency.

She was born in a small town north of Parry Sound, where her earliest memories are of living in a school bus after a fire claimed her family home. After moving to Toronto as a young child she continued to grow up in poverty while her mom went back to school as a mature student at the University of Toronto. When her mom became disabled in her teenage years, Suze became an advocate for her family. She understands the unique challenges of how disability can amplify the experience of poverty. 

Suze went on to study Media Studies and Public relations at the University of Guelph-Humber. After a sexual assault, she immersed herself in performance driving as a way of reclaiming her power and taking back control in her life. She now helps organize events and encourages other women to find power behind the wheel the way she did. She is a two-time recipient of the Lorna Wilson Ladies Champion award for Autoslalom in Southwestern Ontario.

Most recently, Suze has led a number of community safety initiatives in Regent Park following a shooting that she and her husband witnessed in the summer of 2017. She has worked to create spaces for her community to heal from trauma and build stronger community relationships with the Toronto Police Service. This fall, she led a project where more than 100 community members received free CPR training.

Working for Equitable Communities

Professionally, her career has focused on amplifying people's voices and creating more equitable communities. She currently works in the Indigenous nonprofit sector where she works to improve the lives of urban Indigenous people across Ontario. 

Her passion for equity is also woven into her volunteer and governance work. While living in London, Ontario, she joined forces with several women in 2013 to co-found Women and Politics, a grassroots initiative to increase the representation of women in government. She has also served her community on several boards and advisory groups including the Diversity, Inclusion, and Anti-Oppression Advisory Committee at the City of London and the Middlesex-London Community Drug and Alcohol Strategy. Suze now sits on the Board of the Urban Alliance on Race Relations and volunteers on the Regent Park Neighbourhood Association’s Advocacy and Communications Committees.

A Bold Voice for Toronto Centre

Suze, her husband Trevor, and their husky-mix Nova.

Suze has overcome significant adversity to get to where she is today. Poverty, precarious housing, violence, and learning how to understand her identity as a woman with both settler and Indigenous heritage are all critical parts of how she looks at policy from a progressive and intersectional lens. Suze hopes to continue to make her city a safer, more inclusive place to live with a focus on affordability, health, precarious work, and equity.

Suze lives with her husband Trevor, a post-doctoral research fellow at Sick Kids, and their husky-mix Nova.

In the June 7, 2018 provincial election, Suze was elected as the first ever NDP MPP for Toronto Centre.

Suze, her husband Trevor, and their husky-mix Nova.

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