Give Our Communities A Say!

Give Our Communities a Say!

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The Local Planning Appeal Tribunal operates under the rules of the old Ontario Municipal Board, which was widely criticized for siding with developers against local communities, sustainable planning principles and the public interest;

Previous provincial government took years to implement much-needed reforms to the planning appeals process, despite calls from Toronto City Council to recognize the ability of the City of Toronto to handle its own urban planning and development;

The provincial government passed Bill 108, a bill that unfairly tilts power towards developers and away from local communities and professional planners, and drew opposition from municipal leaders and environmentalists across Ontario;

These changes have made it harder for everyday Ontarians to protect their quality of life, cultural heritage and the environment; and limited their ability to have a say in how their communities grow;

Therefore we, the undersigned, petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to reverse legislative changes to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal made in Bill 108, so that local planning is driven by local communities and the long-term public interest, and not short-term private profits.