Save Local Businesses

Save Local Businesses

Suze Morrison supports Andrea Horwath's Save Main Street Plan. Morrison is deeply concerned about the impact COVID-19 is having on vital local business:

Andrea Horwath has said small and medium-sized businesses, charities and community-based non-profits need more help to make it through the COVID-19 storm, and the provincial government should offer that lifeline.

“Many small and medium-sized businesses, non-profits and charities are counting down the number of days they can keep their heads above water since COVID-19 has taken away their revenue,” said Horwath. “We not only want them to survive, we want them to be able to keep staff on the payroll as much as possible.

“The federal wage subsidy program and loan options are a welcome relief, but still leave small operations unable to pay the rent and bills without sinking into debt. The provincial government can solve that problem.

The cost of the Save Main Street plan is estimated to range from $850 million to $1.15 billion.


We call on the government to:

  • Provide a 75% commercial rent subsidy of up to $10,000 for three months
  • Implement a ban on commercial evictions
  • Provide a utility payment freeze
  • Provide further financial assistance to municipalities to help boost housing programs and address the issue of chronic homelessness.