Second Doses Sooner

Ontario needs to speed up COVID-19 vaccine second doses

People are anxious and frustrated, knowing their second vaccine appointment isn’t until a full four months after their first, or not knowing how they’re going to find a second appointment within the right time frame. With supply rolling in, it’s wrong to force everyone to wait until the very last minute to get the second dose. 

Four months is the longest possible safe delay in between the two shots, according to the National Advisory Committee on Immunization, while Pfizer and Moderna recommend getting the second dose about three weeks after the first. 

We need a plan to book millions of people’s appointments, rather than continuing the scavenger-hunt system in place now. 

The NDP has called for vulnerable people and those most at risk to be prioritized and exempt from the four-month delay so they can be fully protected as soon as possible, including seniors.

Will you sign?