Newsletter 2022: Year in Review

2022 was another history-making year for Toronto Centre New Democrats. We want to recap some of the biggest moments and wins we’ve had together, and thank you for being a part of it. 

April: Our year began with acceptance and change. Our beloved former MPP Suze Morrison made the difficult decision not to seek re-election. Our work paid off when Kristyn Wong-Tam chose to put their name forward and carry the Ontario NDP banner in Toronto Centre. 

May and June: We made history and elected MPP Kristyn Wong-Tam, holding Toronto Centre and ensuring we had the strongest possible representation to challenge Doug Ford and build to the next election.

July: Kristyn’s inaugural speech at Queen's Park is still one of my favourite moments from 2022 ⁠— you can catch it here:

July and August: Over the summer and to this day, Kristyn and Ontario's New Democrats have been fighting for paid sick days, to double ODSP, and better fund public health care ⁠— fighting Doug Ford’s mission to introduce privatized health care.

September: Kristyn introduced their first Private Member’s Bill, the Consent Awareness Week Act. Ford’s refusal to enact this Bill will not be kindly remembered, and I hope that government members choose to move it forward with ever-growing societal awareness of the need to directly challenge rape culture. You can recap the press conference where Kristyn introduced the Bill here.

October and November: The Fall of 2022 was nothing short of historic in Ontario history. Ford attacked workers’ rights with unprecedented ferocity, only to be stopped by Ontarians who united to resist with equally unprecedented determination. Kristyn spoke against Ford’s use of the notwithstanding clause, as well as wetland wasting legislation like Bill 23.

November: Kristyn reintroduce Suze Morrison’s Gender Affirming Health Care Act challenging Ford to build up our health care system for people who have never had the health care they deserve. Our organizing helped get attention for doctors like Dr. Greenaway at the Connect Clinic, which was hit hard by Ford’s cuts to virtual health care at the start of December.

December: And our year is ending on a high note as we welcome an incredible new incoming Ontario NDP leader in Marit Stiles. Marit is an organizer who is committed to building up our party from the grassroots ⁠— I believe that she has what it takes to listen and form government in 2026. 

Thank you for your support in making this year such a powerful one for us in Toronto Centre. Our riding team has worked so hard to build community and local organizing power ⁠— all of which is plain to see in everything we have done. 

As your provincial CFO, I can honestly say that it is a joy to see how our riding grows and becomes stronger with every passing year. That’s why I’m making my year-end contribution to the TCNDP, and you can join me here.


Ben Donato-Woodger

CFO ⁠— Provincial 

Toronto Centre NDP

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