The riding association is the most local organization within the party. Together as members, we have the task of selecting our local NDP candidates, engaging with community members about NDP policies and initiatives, and building our skills and resources to successfully support our candidates in election campaigns. We also have a key role in internal NDP processes, sending delegates to party conventions and advancing policy positions within the NDP.

The executive of the riding association engages in a wide range of activities including fundraising, voter contact and outreach, candidate search, and election preparation.  The executive generally meets monthly, and although non-members of the executive are unable to vote at meetings, any member of the NDP in Toronto Centre in good standing is welcome to attend and contribute to our discussions.

The executive is elected yearly at the Annual General Meeting and serves until the following Annual General Meeting.  Our current executive for the 2021-2022 term was elected at the February 28, 2021 Annual General Meeting.

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