End-of-Year Federal Update

As 2023 draws to a close, we reflect on a year filled with several significant victories for our movement – Jagmeet Singh and our caucus in Ottawa have been hard at work this year fighting for everyday people, while we continue to build strength locally here in Toronto Centre.

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We need your help before the end of the year to support our local work in Toronto Centre. Every dollar raised goes towards our local organizing and electing an NDP MP in our community, and with the declining public opinion of the Liberal government, we have a huge opportunity in the next election to make a breakthrough. Donations made on or before December 31st are eligible for a tax credit of up to 75% when you file your taxes in the new year.

Federal Nomination Meeting in the New Year

As you’re aware, we currently have a minority parliament in Ottawa, and need to be ready for an election at any point. Our riding association has been hard at work preparing to nominate a candidate for the next election, and we’re hoping to hold a nomination meeting in the new year.

Make sure to renew your membership or join the party today so that you’re able to participate in the nomination process. If you renew today, your membership will be in good standing through the end of 2024.

We'll have more to share on this in the new year.

NDP delivers Canadian Dental Care Plan

Thanks to the work of Jagmeet Singh, health critic Don Davies, and the rest of our team in Ottawa, we’ve achieved the biggest expansion of our public healthcare system in a generation with the Canadian Dental Care Plan. Starting in the new year seniors, youth, and disabled people who don’t currently have coverage will be able to receive an extensive list of treatments covered by this new federal plan.

Dental care is healthcare, and we’re going to keep advocating to ensure everyone can access the care they need.

Just announced: NDP DentalThe NDP Dental Plan will save you at least $1,300 a year.

Federal Convention in Hamilton

In October, New Democrats from across the country gathered for the first in-person convention since 2018 in Hamilton. Our riding association sent a full slate of delegates, and many other Toronto Centre NDP members joined by way of their union.

Delegates passed a variety of policy resolutions that will build towards our next election platform and strengthen existing commitments, as well as re-affirming Jagmeet’s leadership of the party.

Some of outcomes include policy resolutions on:

  • Building 3.5 million affordable homes
  • Creating a public telecom crown corporation
  • Implementing a wealth tax
  • Creating a crown pharmaceutical corporation
  • An emergency resolution reaffirming the party's condemnation of Hamas' attacks on Israel, demanding the release of all hostages, and calling for an immediate ceasefire

Toronto Centre NDP delegates at the Hamilton federal convention

Jagmeet Singh and the NDP support the 2SLGBTQI+ community

During Trans Awareness Week, Jagmeet Singh joined Kristyn Wong-Tam and community members at the 519 to discuss issues facing the community. NDP 2SLGBTQI+ critic Randall Garrison also tabled a report including 29 comprehensive recommendations to move trans rights forward, improve gender-affirming care and improve public safety.

Pierre Poilievre and his Conservative Party seek to roll back hard-fought gains for 2SLGBTQI+, and particularly trans rights – but Jagmeet Singh and our party are united in standing up for the 2SLGBTQI+ community.

Jagmeet Singh and Kristyn Wong-Tam at the 519

NDP brings forward a plan for Electoral Reform

When Justin Trudeau's government was elected in 2015, it was in part on a commitment to electoral reform – which he promptly abandoned as soon as it was convenient. Earlier this year, Nanaimo–Ladysmith MP Lisa Marie Barron tabled a motion to create a National Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform, so we can finally move forward on electoral reform. This motion has since been seconded by Liberal, Conservative and Green MPs as well as many other NDP MPs.

In spite of the years of broken promises from the Liberals, we remain committed to ending our antiquated first-past-the-post system and implementing a proportional voting system in which every vote counts.

NDP secures Anti-Scab Legislation

Another major policy win for our federal caucus this year was anti-scab legislation – something we, along with the labour movement, have called for for decades. Federally-regulated workplaces will no longer be able to bring in replacement workers in the event of a lockout or a strike, forcing employers to bargain in good faith with their workers and ensuring workers get a good deal.

NDP secures historic result for Canadian workers

Olivia Chow's Mayoral Win

In June’s historical mayoral by-election, we were thrilled to support Olivia Chow’s mayoral campaign. Several members of our riding association were members of the campaign team, and many more of our members and volunteers helped with the local organizing in Toronto Centre. Not only did Olivia win across the city, but Toronto Centre was the riding with her widest margin of victory as well.

Olivia Chow and supporters on election night in June

Updated riding boundaries

Every 10 years, federal electoral districts are reviewed and updated to account for changes in population. That process concluded earlier this year, and the new boundaries are now finalized, and will come into effect for any election that is called on or after April 23, 2024.

The new boundaries for Toronto Centre are Bloor St E to the north; the Gardiner Expressway to the south; the Don Valley to the east; and Yonge St to the west.

Annual Holiday Party

Thank you to everyone who joined our annual holiday party earlier this month! It was great to see so many friends and neighbours.

Members of the Toronto Centre NDP executive at the annual holiday party, alongside Ontario NDP leader Marit Stiles and MPP Kristyn Wong-Tam

Thank you for your ongoing support! Don't forget that any donation you make today to our riding association is eligible for a tax credit of up to 75% – so please make a year-end donation today if you're able so we can keep building locally.


I hope you have the opportunity to enjoy some time with your friends and family this holiday season.

In solidarity,

Jeff Slater
President, Toronto Centre Federal NDP

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