Congrats to our 2024-2025 executive!

Congratulations to our 2024-2025 executive, elected at our April 7, 2024 annual general meeting. A huge thank you to all the outgoing executive members for their years of service!

2024-2025 Toronto Centre NDP Executive Members:

President (Federal): Jeff Slater
President (Provincial): Sasha Kane
Vice President (Federal): Angela Zhu
Vice President (Provincial): Nadine Tkatchevskaia
Chief Financial Officer (Federal): Asiya Barakzai
Chief Financial Officer (Provincial): Ben Donato-Woodger
Recording Secretary: Vharshaa Punithechelvan
Membership Secretary: Emma Beattie
Fundraising Director: Samantha Dangubic
Social Convenor: Tara Bijan
Communications Director: Doga Koroglu
Voter Contact Organizer: Curran Stikuts
Youth Rep: Lawrence Chan
Women's Rep: Gina Gignac
Disability Rights Rep: Terri-Lynn Langdon 
2SLGBTQ Rep: Daniel Barkin
Ethnocultural Rep: Shun Hang To
Labour Rep: Emma Lee
Members at Large: Ellen Tolmie; Bryan Cox; Lisa Brody Hoffman; Raymond Bhushan
Provincial Council Delegates: Vienna O’Shea; Leo Ayala Mejia; Susan Gapka

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