Thank you!

Earlier today I was humbled to receive the support of our members to carry the NDP banner in the upcoming federal election. An energetic room filled with engaged members made a clear decision in supporting me and made it abundantly clear that they are unhappy with Bill Morneau’s missing-in-action approach to politics, and Justin Trudeau’s litany of unfulfilled promises.

My fellow candidate, Brandon Kober and his team ran a strong progressive campaign. I can’t thank him enough for stepping forward, advancing his vision, and his commitment to a future where we take better care of each other, or as he calls it, radical compassion.

Now is the time for us - New Democrats - to start driving the discourse on the Toronto and the Canada we want to see. We’re not bystanders in Liberal scandals and cronyism. And we’re not complacent in the face of Conservative regression. We are the future that Canada needs and we must bring our vision of a better Canada to the forefront.

In Toronto Centre, and across the country, everyday people are increasingly struggling to get by:  

  • Everyday Canadians are constantly forced to choose between medicine or groceries and struggle with unaffordable housing costs
  • Work becomes increasingly precarious as the rich get richer on the backs of everyday people
  • An invigorated alt-right attacks our diverse, LGBTQ2S+ and racialized communities out in the open
  • Inaction on the climate emergency threatens our very existence

We have such a profound lack of leadership on so many issues from the Trudeau government, and the same old Conservative Party will only make things worse

We have transformational ideas to take action on the climate emergency, the boldest healthcare plan since Medicare, and the chance to set us on a course for a radically inclusive, diverse, cosmopolitan future that isn’t led by Conservatism and Liberalism, but rather, by taking better care of each other. 

Today, the members honoured me by choosing me to carry their vision forward. 

And tomorrow, the work continues and we need you to help. 

Here’s how you can help right now:

  • Donate: We’re ready to start officially campaigning. Helping us early on means we can develop a campaign plan knowing we have the resources to action it. 
  • Volunteer: We’re not able to do this work without your commitment to knock on doors, help out in the office, and reach as many voters as possible.
  • Follow on social media and share with your friends: You can find me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram at @bfchangTO.
  • Commit to Taking Better Care of Each other: Making sure that all people are cared for is part of an NDP future. Commit to sharing that plan with others so that our ideas for a better world start shaping the discourse instead of responding to it. You can read our platform, A New Deal for People, here.

Feel free to reach out. I’m always up to chat. 

With love and courage,

— Brian

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