2020-2021 Toronto Centre NDP Executive

At our January 25, 2020 AGM, our new executive for the 2020-2021 term was elected.  We look forward to continuing to build our NDP presence in Toronto Centre as we work towards re-electing Suze Morrison in the 2022 provincial election and the next federal election!

  • Member of Provincial Parliament: Suze Morrison (ex officio member)
  • President (Federal): Monique Chin
  • President (Provincial): Jeff Slater
  • Vice President (Federal): Tyler Johnson
  • Vice President (Provincial): Jason Cole
  • Chief Financial Officer (Federal): Emma Beattie
  • Chief Financial Officer (Provincial): Ben Donato-Woodger
  • Recording Secretary: Angela Zhu
  • Membership Secretary: Paula Willis
  • Fundraising Director: Jasmine Attfield
  • Social Convenor: Madeline Lemire
  • Communications Director: Allison Sparling
  • Voter Contact Organizer: Lina Cino
  • Youth Rep: Aneesah Choudhury
  • Women's Rep: Tali Chermin
  • Disability Rights Rep: Rita Brooks
  • Indigenous Rep: Katias Yee
  • LGBTQ Rep: Kevin Beaulieu
  • Ethnocultural Rep: Kelly Skeete
  • Labour Rep: Bryan Cox
  • Members at Large: Ellen Tolmie, Heather Erlen , Andrew Ashley, Puria Pezeshkighahafarokhi
  • Provincial Council Delegates: Jasmine Attfield, Colin Phillips, Vienna O’Shea

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