Congratulations to Suze Morrison, our 2022 candidate

Congratulations to Suze Morrison on being nominated as our candidate for the 2022 provincial election, and a huge thank you to everyone who attended our virtual nomination meeting last night. Our Toronto Centre NDP riding association has never been in a stronger position, and it’s thanks to every one of you.

Today is where our work begins. We’re just over a year from the start of the 2022 election campaign, and it’s never been more important that we elect an Ontario NDP government and ensure Doug Ford is a one-term Premier.

Ontario needs a government committed to a Green New Democratic Deal, ending the housing crisis, and bringing long-term care back into public handsand it’s our job to ensure Suze Morrison is a part of that.

That’s why I’m committed to doing everything I can to ensure Suze is re-elected next year.

I’ll be making phone calls to Toronto Centre voters, door knocking (if it’s safe to do so), and donating to ensure we can blanket the riding in orange signs, and get literature in every resident’s mailbox. I hope you’ll join me.

The best way you can support Suze’s re-election campaign by starting a monthly donation, as myself and many other supporters already have – monthly donations ensure we continue to build our election fund as we look towards the election next year.

Donate monthly to re-elect Suze

You can also sign up to volunteer with us – our team is phone banking regularly, which you can do from home! All you need is your computer and either a headset or a cell phone.

Sign up to volunteer with us

Again, thank you – everything you do helps make the work we do possible. We made history in 2018 by electing Suze here in Toronto Centre, now let’s make history again and elect an Ontario NDP government in 2022.

— Jeff Slater
President, Toronto Centre Ontario NDP

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